hey! i'm ryan.

and i build stuff for the web.


Ryan Haskell-Glatz My name is Ryan Haskell-Glatz and this is my personal website. If you are here to play some games or read some blog posts– you’ve come to the right place!

I’m a Frontend Engineer living in Chicago and working at a remote-friendly company called Vendr. I have a lot of practice creating fullstack web applications, but most of my focus is on frontend web development. I also love making web-based games, so I can easily share them with friends.

Every chance I get, I use my favorite language: Elm. You might already know me from the Elm community, from my work on elm-spa, an app framework I made. If not, maybe you’re here because of all these pretty gradients!

I also designed this website from scratch. If you like it, be sure to tell me all about it on Twitter! I’m always happy to receive good vibes.