Tic-Tac-Total Carnage!

( has absolutely nothing to do with carnage )

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How to play

The game starts with Player 1. They can place an “X” on any position on the grid. For example, they might place an “X” in the middle square of the bottom-left game.

Because Player 1 placed their “X” in the middle square, Player 2 has to play their piece in the middle game.

On their turn, Player 2 might place an “O” in the top-right square of the middle game. This forces Player 1 to play in the top-right game.

Getting tic-tac-toe (three in a row) on one of the 9 tiny boards will give a player a large “X” or “O” on the overall board.

The game ends when a player gets three in a row on the overall game. ( or their is a draw! )


Good– it’s kinda hard to explain with text. But on the bright side, this version of the game will automatically disable invalid moves.

It also takes care of alternating X and O after each turn.

One more thing!

If you send a player to a tiny board that already has a large piece, they can play their next move in any tile. So be careful not to give them all that freedom– they will likely crush your hopes and dreams.